Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog Stalking

A lot of photographers I blog-stalk like to give tips every so often about how to shoot a good photo, where to find the best lighting, etc. I don't really know that I've acquired all that many tips for my followers yet and even if I have, I definitely haven't organized them all in my head yet so instead, I thought I would offer you a short list of links to some of the photographers that I blog-stalk on a fairly regular basis (read: every single day).

Kristin Rogers

Hanssie Trainor

Jasmine Star

Jessica Claire

Amy Wenzel

Marlin Munoz

I sincerely believe that every photographer - even the very BEST photographer - is constantly learning and gaining new ideas and inspirations! In fact, I think that's what makes the best photographers. And what better way to increase your learning than by studying other photos? Right!

And because posts are just WAY better with a picture, I leave you with a little of Reagan past:

wm Reagan


Jason and Amanda said...

Nice Fence!!! It looks very familiar. Where did you take this awesome pic?!

kristin said...

Wow.. you are so sweet...honored to be named among those other photogs! :)

Hanssie said...

Thanks for the shout-out girl! And I second Kris - quite an honor to be named next to the likes of J* and Jessica Claire!

P.S. Awesome picture too!

Kristina said...

Heidi, I like to stalk this particular photographer:
http://sarahqblog.com/?p=9, and I particularly love this wedding she did.