Monday, September 21, 2009

Reagan Is Two! | Indianapolis Child Photographer

Yes, believe it or not, I'm still waiting around for my baby to make its grand entrance into the world!

In the meantime.......

My little Reagan turns TWO today! She's quite the stinker these days, pulling all the normal 2-year old tricks. You know....refusing to hold my hand to cross the street, running away when asked to come, and basically doing everything I tell her not to do.

Good thing she makes up for all that with her cuteness!

wm res e DSC_0416 bw

wm res e DSC_0372 b

wm res e DSC_0353 CROP

wm res crown collage


Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! Happy Birthday R.

Anonymous said...

very cute! She's adorable, love the b&w.