Thursday, August 6, 2009

34 Weeks

Many of you have been insinuating that you absolutely might DIE if you don't get to see any pictures of my pregnant belly soon. So, to appease you all (and to prevent such a catastrophic happening), I give you one very lovely, very Photoshopped picture of my growing abdomen:

wm e DSC_0210 crop SATURATION

Hey, don't complain. The shape isn't Photoshopped. And that's what's important.



Anonymous said...

YES! FINALLY! U R more brave than me....that is to show skin. Nice belly by the way!

clarissa stagg said...

Very cute! When is your due date? I am due Sept. 27th, so it looks like we are due around the same time. I think I might attempt to do my own maternity pictures, but we'll see! =)

Hannah said...

Love it! I cannot wait for a belly too!!!! A belly full of baby!!! Lol!!

Yadira said...

LOL you're so honest. I'm the same way. Love it.