Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little S | Indianapolis Child Photographer

After finishing my studio a few weeks ago, I was SO excited today to have a real photo shoot that didn't include my own children. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids. But when it comes to taking their pictures,'s just...difficult.

Little S visited me last fall
, but he is getting so big now! His first birthday is coming up soon and this age is one of my very favorites for pictures! They sit. They crawl. They stand. They sometimes walk. They smile. They cry. They are interactive. They love toys. They don't spit up or poop on you. Ahh, it's a beautiful stage of life!

Since my studio is so new, I hadn't had a chance yet to use all my backdrop colors....until today! I hope you enjoy these charming smiles, adorable blank stares, and precious brown eyes as much as I do!

Doesn't he just look like a little man? Love it!

wm e DSC_0064

What? I can't help it I'm so cute!

wm e DSC_0044

There's a secret behind this picture. But we'll talk about that later. ;)

wm e DSC_0059 ps

wm e DSC_0054

This last one is my absolute FAVORITE. I normally crop out parents' hands, but this tickle just had to stay in to get the full effect of the laughter on his face...

wm e DSC_0093

Lindsey, thanks again for bringing him over! It was a pleasure!


kristin said...

These are great! What a little stud. Great job!!

Miney said...

Yeah, so I'm even MORE excited now! :) Yippee!!! One more week!

Gretchen said...

He is such a doll. He has always looked like such a little man.

Sarah said...

I really like the third one down (the one where he's "dusting" his hands off, as if he's gotten away with snatching a cookie or something) very cute.

Hannah said...

Love them all! Love the RED!