Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dear Internet, Please Meet My New Blog

I wanted something different. Something nobody else had. Something that would be useful in lots of ways - not just one. I wanted information and not just pictures. Fun and unique things - not the normal and mundane. And so I began to pull it together. My blog just for senior girls.

It's not quite complete yet, but I'm adding to it everyday, so I've decided to go ahead and announce it. I'd love any feedback you have including what else to add to the blog! I want it to be a wealth of information for both students as well as parents and even other people who venture over to take a peek. So don't be shy! Go on over and visit, say 'hello', and let me know what you think!

Click below to join the fun!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Haiti Fundraiser | Indianapolis Child/Maternity/Family Photographer

Wow, what a full day! I saw 5 different families today and did mini-sessions with each. The session fee was waived and instead, donations for Compassion International's Disaster Relief Fund were accepted. A portion of the print orders from these sessions will also be donated to Compassion Int'l.

To those of you who came today.....Thank you so much! I had a great time working with all of you and am so excited to see the total amount we'll all be donating to help those in Haiti! Here are some sneak peeks from today's sessions:

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e DSC_0750

That First Year

Tonight I hosted a Mary Kay party at my house. As we soaked our feet, we chatted. And as we munched on chips and salsa, we chatted. Girls do that, you know. We chat. And it drives our husbands crazy. Thankfully there were no husbands around to be annoyed by our incessant chatting.

We flew through several topics until we landed on one I that really piqued my interest. A friend of mine was talking about how teaching is so labor-intensive the first year because you have to put together your curriculum. After that first year, it's a lot easier because everything is already in place and you go over it with your new students each year. I can completely relate to this. Every single night this week (and probably last week - okay, and maybe even the week before that), I have been up into the wee hours of the night working. I've been designing marketing materials and ordering products and researching companies and learning about connecting all the dots in this crazy thing I call "business life".

It's hard to run your own business. I find it difficult to disconnect my mind from business and connect it to family - and vice versa. I feel like my mind is always running 396 miles per minute with new branding ideas, thoughts on organizing the kids' toys, deciding where to put my desk, and so on and so forth. And lest I sound like I'm complaining...I'm totally not. I love this crazy life! I just have to learn how to adjust to it. I feel like so often I get sucked into working and forget to enjoy the little things in life.

In honor of my family, I'd like to share with you my son's very first "paint" project on the computer. He did this several weeks (months?) ago and I saved it like any good mother would. And now I will share it with you.

Here's to the little things in life:

Keatons First Painting

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Calling 2011 Senior Girls!! | Indianapolis High School Senior Photographer

Attention 2011 Senior Girls! Here's your chance to be a model! Apply to be a senior ambassador for Indy Photography and if you're chosen as a participant, you'll receive lots of great stuff including CASH for all referrals!!

Plus, your parents will be thrilled about the fact that senior ambassadors receive two absolutely FREE sessions, FREE wallets, and the possibility of earning credits toward the purchase of even more FREE prints!


You must apply by April 15th to be considered as a senior model, so hurry and fill one out!!

You can email or snail mail your application to me. (Contact info is listed at the bottom of the application.) Just click on the application below and follow the directions to print it out.

Senior Ambassador Application

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kristin | Indianapolis Maternity Photographer

Today I met with Kristin and Jeff to take some maternity pictures. Kristin is 34 weeks pregnant and looks phenomenal! I have to admit that I was a little nervous about this shoot because I haven't done a maternity shoot in....a) my studio, and b) over a year! I was also a little apprehensive thinking that our pose choices would be limited in a studio, but I was pleasantly surprised that the whole process went much smoother than I had anticipated. Once we got started, everything just fell into place!

Kristin and Jeff, it was so fun hanging out with you this afternoon! Thanks so much for coming over for your pictures!

BLOG e DSC_0378

BLOG e DSC_0354

BLOG e DSC_0435

BLOG e DSC_0328

BLOG e DSC_0312

BLOG e DSC_0445

BLOG e DSC_0485

BLOG e DSC_0390

BLOG e DSC_0507

BLOG e DSC_0413 bw

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Almost Peed My Pants

Sometimes when my husband and I are bored in the evening we watch a few Tim Hawkins videos on YouTube. We've laughed pretty hard at several of them but tonight was by far the best. We both had cough attacks (we have colds) over this one: